Q&A with Janie Schoenborn of Lilly Pulitzer®, Part 2

Lilly Pulitzer Sister Florals Comforter Cover Collection


More inspiration from our interview with Janie Schoenborn, Lilly Pulitzer® Vice President of Creative Communications.

Q: What’s your favorite Garnet Hill product (other than Lilly Pulitzer)?
A: I am not a snob in aaaaany, any, any way EXCEPT when it comes to sheets. Garnet Hill’s cotton percale is to die for. Makes it impossible to get out of bed on a Saturday morning.

Q: A little Lilly can go a long way. Any tips for our customers on how to introduce Lilly Pulitzer into their decor?
A: Can a little Lilly go a long way? Chicken! Mixing can be easy if you have lots and lots of white. It’s an easy way to make everything clean and allow your print to pop. But, for the record, I think too much is never enough.

Q: What’s your secret to mixing patterns?
A: Mix with abandon. When nothing goes together…it all does. Lilly’s house in Palm Beach is the perfect example of this. There is art of all sizes and shapes, print everywhere, ceramic animals and orchids on every surface…it just WORKS.

Q: What are your favorite colors right now (besides pink)? Any trends we should keep an eye out for?
A: Coral is the color to watch out for. It is flooding the market. Actually, home design has been leading this, but just you wait, you are going to be craving a bright coral dress to bring out the glow in your cheeks.


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