Q&A with Chan Luu (Part 1)

Chan Luu for Garnet Hill Cascading Necklace

Designer, artisan, trendsetter, L.A.-based Chan Luu is known worldwide for her stunning jewelry and fashions — and she has collaborated with Garnet Hill for 15 years!

Q: What are your favorite materials to work with?
A: I enjoy working with any organic material, from semiprecious stone to recycled leather. Turquoise is my birthstone. I love the vivid color. It makes me happy. That’s why I keep a big container of turquoise nuggets by my bed.

Q: Is there a spiritual element to your jewelry?
A: Absolutely, because everything we create is handmade by many skilled artisans. Through my products, all my customers indirectly help to make many lives better, putting kids in school, food on tables. My customers tell me often that once they put my jewelry on, it’s instinctually personal because it has that spiritual quality to it.

Q: You have a huge celebrity following. Have any of your pieces been in the movies?
A: Yes, in Twilight, Footloose, The Descendants, Safe House, Knight of Cups, and Desert Dancers (releasing this year, starring Freida Pinto) — to name just a few. Plus, many TV shows.

Q: Despite your success, you manage to maintain balance in your life. How do you do it?
A: I am blessed to have such a challenging, fulfilling career. Honestly, it does not feel like work. In my down time, I enjoy tennis, cooking, playing the piano and painting. I love sharing laughs with friends. I’m an avid reader. It’s an ideal pastime when globe hopping.

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