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Down Pillows King Size

Garnet Hill Signature White Goose Down Pillow
Customer Rating:
LUXURIOUS WHITE GOOSE DOWN — now in three densities Offered in Soft, Medium, or Firm to best suport all sleeping positions. Part of our Signature Bedding Essentials Collection. Designed to work with the Garnet Hill Channeled White Goose Down Comforter. * Comfortably cradles the natural curvature of the spine to position and support the head and neck* Filled with superior-quality European whit...
Price: $178.00 - $348.00
Monte Carlo Goose Down Pillow
Customer Rating:
OUR LOFTIEST, MOST LUXURIOUS PILLOW — RECOMMENDED FOR SIDE AND BACK SLEEPERS A cornerstone of our bedding collection for over 15 years, this regal pillow is the epitome of luxury and comfort, filled with plump white northern European goose down and covered in a pure Egyptian cotton cambric shell. * German-made 226 thread count Egyptian cotton cambric shell with a wonderfully soft hand that ha...
Price: $72.00 - $338.00
Garnet Hill Signature White Down Pillow
Customer Rating:
LUXURIOUS WHITE DOWN — MEDIUM FILL FOR BACK & SIDE SLEEPERS Lofty but not too big, this bed pillow is the perfect balance of soft and firm, making it ideal for back and side sleepers. Part of our Signature Bedding Essentials Collection. * Medium support cradles the natural curvature of the spine to position and support the head and neck* Filled with superior-quality white down (600-650 fill p...
Price: $138.00 - $168.00
Feather and Down Pillow
Customer Rating:
Feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. This all-natural pillow is an everyday way to enjoy the magnificent comfort and quality of down. * Cotton shell * Feather/down * USA/Imported Standard: 20" x 26", 30 oz. fill Queen: 20" x 30", 34 oz. fill King: 20" x 36", 40 oz. fill
Price: $38.00 - $58.00
Garnet Hill Down Side-Sleeper Pillow
Customer Rating:
A POPULAR BED-PILLOW STYLE FOR SIDE SLEEPERS — NOW OFFERED IN DUAL-CHAMBER DOWN Based on the bestselling gusseted design of our down-alternative Primaloft® Comfort Pillow. Our down side-sleeper pillow offers a comforting balance of softness and support created by its distinctive dual chamber system. * Inner chamber of down mixed with feathers for density; outer chamber of pure 525-fill-p...
Price: $68.00 - $98.00
Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton & Down Pillow
Customer Rating:
EILEEN FISHER HOME EXCLUSIVELY BY GARNET HILL — LUXURIOUS WHITE GOOSE DOWN IN TWO VERSIONS TO SUIT YOUR STYLE Plush, breathable, and exceptionally quiet — our cloud-like pillow is the difference between a great night's sleep and a restless one. * Inner chamber of down mixed with feathers for density; outer chamber of pure 525-fill-power down for added loft * Features the finest European...
Price: $198.00 - $288.00
Wool & Down Climate Comfort Pillow
Customer Rating:
Down is great, but down with moisture-wicking wool is simply outstanding! The special blend of equal parts down and wool makes it naturally cool, so it's easier to sleep through the night. Lofty support. Breathable 300 thread count cotton shell. Imported/USA. * Lofty Artisan Wool-Down™ fill for superior breathability, temperature control, and moisture management * 300 thread count cotton shel...
Price: Was $128.00 - $158.00
Now $102.00 - $126.00
Garnet Hill Down-Alternative Pillow
Customer Rating:
A GREAT EVERYDAY VALUE! HYPOALLERGENIC, LOFTY AND FIRM — RECOMMENDED FOR BACK & SIDE SLEEPERS Filled with hypoallergenic poly fibers that mimic the loft of down, this supportive pillow is perfect for side and back sleepers, and sleepers with sensitivities to down. * Soft 230 thread count cotton pillow cover * Ideal for dorm rooms, guest beds and summer homes* Machine washable* USA/Imported St...
Price: Was $38.00 - $40.00
Now $30.00 - $32.00
Primaloft® Comfort Pillow
Customer Rating:
THE ULTIMATE HYPOALLERGENIC DOWN-FREE BED PILLOW — RECOMMENDED FOR SIDE SLEEPERS The 2" gusseted side panels support your head, neck and shoulders for proper alignment, the utmost comfort, and a great night's sleep. A bestselling design named "The Best Overall Down-Free Pillow You Can Buy" by the Wall Street Journal. * Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic Primaloft fibers mimic the loft and comfort ...
Price: $48.00 - $68.00
Suprelle® Memory Fiber Pillow
Customer Rating:
The support of therapeutic memory foam that replicates the coziness and loft of down. Finely spun memory-foam fibers create softness. The innovative fibers adjust to movement to support the head, neck, and shoulders. The 300 thread count poly/cotton shell helps to regulate your body temperature for enhanced comfort. Imported/USA. * Suprelle memory-fiber fill mimics the loft of down and the support ...
Price: $88.00 - $138.00
Gel-Overlay Memory-Foam Pillow
Customer Rating:
Better than any pillow we could dream up, this advanced design is ideal for sleepers who wake up from joint pain and overheating. Open-cell Sensor-FOAM® memory foam offers sleepers gentle, pressure-relieving support while promoting proper ventilation. Further enhancing temperature control are a SensorCOOL® gel overlay (cooler than foam, fiber, or down) and VentAIR side vents. Hypoallergen...
Price: Was $98.00 - $128.00
Now $78.00 - $102.00
Garnet Hill Signature Primaloft® Luxury Pillow
Customer Rating:
A luxurious, hypoallergenic alternative to white goose down — hypoallergenic fill and two density options for your health — because sleep is important, and what's right for you might not be right for your friend or spouse. Luxurious 400 thread count Supima® cotton shell. Primaloft fill. Piped edges. USA/Imported. SOFT: Standard: 20" x 26" Queen: 20" x 30" King: 20" x 36" Continenta...
Price: $48.00 - $88.00