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Customize Your Sleeping Comfort

Customize Your Sleeping Comfort:
Building a Good Night's Sleep from the Bottom Up with Garnet Hill Bedding

Bedding, even when it comes to the basics, is not one size fits all. Explore your options and discover what works for you with Garnet Hill's collection of comforters, blankets, pillows, mattress pads and more. The reward of complete sleeping comfort is well worth the effort.

As the pace of everyday life continues to accelerate, many people find it more and more difficult to obtain a good night's sleep. A person's health, mental wellbeing, energy and even creativity have been shown to benefit from a full night's rest. Garnet Hill draws from 30 years of experience as a purveyor of luxury bedding to highlight their collection of bedding basics. A customized sleeping experience is a practical yet sumptuous way to ensure that the quality of one's rest is the best that it can possibly be.

Garnet Hill focuses on their diverse collection of bedding essentials in every category — from bed skirts to pillows. With a little knowledge and the right components, it's easy to build a better bed from the bottom up.

Start by Dressing Your Bed with a Bedskirt

A bedskirt makes the bed feel complete and more luxurious — qualities that contribute to a restful environment. Choose a bedskirt based on your decorating style. Elegant? Try a bedskirt with neat pleats and split corners. Feminine? Consider a bedskirt with an embroidered border. Romantic? A generously gathered bedskirt may be the right choice.

Wrap It All Up in a Mattress Pad

Mattress pads envelop the featherbed and the mattress, creating a protective barrier that extends their longevity. A mattress pad with a high thread count covering and cotton fill offers a luxurious foundation. For the ultimate in mattress protection, a waterproof mattress pad provides a quiet yet durable defense against moisture.

Select the Right Sheets

Whether you choose lustrous and silky sateen, heirloom-inspired hemstitched or cozy flannel bedding — the right sheets depend on personal preference, the time of year and the desired look.

Layer with Your Choice of Toppings — Comforters or Blankets

Comforters provide warm insulation, but some people prefer the lightweight quality of a goose down blanket. Layers allow you to customize your experience each night, adding or removing your favorite components to fit your mood and the season. A myriad of options exist for the top of the bed: silk, down or Primaloft®-filled comforters or blankets, quilts or coverlets, wool or fleece... pick your preference and experiment to find the right combination.

A Place to Rest Your Head — Find the Perfect Pillow.

Your choice of pillow can make or break the quality of a night's sleep. Carefully consider your current sleeping situation. Garnet Hill offers a wide selection of pillows that suit a variety of needs. Weigh your options and choose accordingly.